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About our company and the location Hamburg

Our company, run by it's highly motivated proprietors, is looking back now at more than 15 year of successful experience in our fields, having served our various customers throughout the world to their entire satisfaction and, thus building up many fruitful relationships for our mutual benefits.

Use our direct contact to German and European industries in conjunction with our service to select alternative suppliers and to provide answers to problems.

Our engagement for you allows us to compare the different manufacturers neutrally, so that your firm can invest and buy economically. No more headaches so that you can devote more time to more fundamental aspects, such as more effective production methods and economical running your production lines.

Our location Hamburg is correctly known as the “Gateway to the world“. For centuries Hamburg and her harbour have been the traditional trading places of Germany and near lying European countries.

Over 90 % of the German exports pass through either the harbour or airport.

The Hamburg mentality is empressed with an openess to worldliness and export and for understanding their problems.

It is an excellent location and requirement for your overseas logistics, with a partner that helps to solve problems with anticipation even before they occur.

MARION KLEMENZ: Import - Export GmbH

We cover the following areas. Please contact us for:

  Raw- and auxillary materials
  Machines and plants
  Spare parts
  Quality control
  Transfer of know-how


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